“REMESHA” in Kirundi means: “COMFORTING MORALLY”.  In This program we seek to provide the most underprivileged patients with an emotional, spiritual and psychological assistance to cope with their difficult health situation

As part of this program, we operate group and individual sessions in the hospitals, led by professionals (social workers and psychologists) of our team.

We currently operate 5 group sessions a week, with 10 participants, and have 50 individual encounters a week.

We are currently working on the development of post-hospital release,post recovery program”– as we constantly seek to enlarge our impact circles and to help the former patients re-integrate in their communities and lower their chances of re-hospitalization. As part of this program we are acting to provide a return ticket to healed patients who cannot go back home due to lack of financial means and we also support our healed patients with living expenses who are kept in custody-like hospitals against their will because unable to pay for the hospital .