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GEMURA program is one of the 6 programs of Nacham Africa which deals with food assistance for vulnerable patients and the provision of various accessories useful for their well-being during their hospital stay, especially hygiene accessories in collaboration with the social service of the host Hospital.
Considering that the majority of vulnerable and needy patients hospitalized in public Hospitals benefit from a lunch from the Ministry of Solidarity through the social service, Nacham Africa has set itself the mission through this program to offer to these most vulnerable patients a breakfast made of porridge and bread daily without forgetting the patients who have chronic pathologies such as diabetes, arterial hypertension, heart failure, chronic hepatitis who need a special diet to prevent their state of health worsens because, given their very limited financial means, they cannot afford a good diet in relation to their diseases and therefore, they consume what they can have with unfortunate consequences on their state of health even complications leading to death.
Considering also that the hospital is a less sterile environment, full of microbes with risks of nosocomial infections for our beneficiaries who already have a fragile ground because of their state of health and their unbalanced diet, personal hygiene and clothing is an ally of choice for the good health of the population in general and for this category of the population in particular and this is how the GEMURA program, through the massive participation of volunteers, has built up a stock of flour, sugar, clothes, soaps, and various items necessary for the well-being of our beneficiaries.