“KINA” in Kirundi means “PLAY“. The focus of this program are children:

  1. healthy children of sick hospitalized mother/father, who are often accompany their sick parents during their hospitalization period, who temporarily lost their prime caretaker, and are in danger of neglect.
  2. sick hospitalized children at the age 1-18.

The hospital is a difficult surrounding, especially for young children.
The Kina program aims to provide the children with a supportive, a protective and a positive surrounding.

As part of the Kina program, we create special children’s space in the hospital, all dedicated to entertaining the children enabling them to play, to learn, to be surrounded with human warmth. Those spaces are filled with toys, books, creation materials, and joyful activities (art, education etc.) – all led by community volunteers.

We are currently in the process of collecting resources for the first Children’s Kina space, to be implanted in our pilot hospital, which should start to operate in March 2019.