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The KIRA program is one of the 6 programs of the Nacham Africa organization which focuses on medical and paramedical assistance to vulnerable patients and children hospitalized in public hospitals in Burundi.
Given the cost of health care in Burundi, 90% of the population is considered vulnerable, a large part of the hospitalized patients are devoted to themselves with regard to the purchase of drugs, the cost of additional examinations, the payment of the hospital stay and many are abandoned by their relatives who consider them a heavy burden for the family who sold all the goods to treat the patient, and since no organization was dealing with the cases of these patients within hospitals, the KIRA program was launched in 2017.
Our volunteers:

  1. 18 doctors
  2. 75 nurses
  3. 8 psychologists
  4. 8 sick guards

Who work closely with the medical staff and the social service of the host hospitals.

Our achievements :
Establishment of a stock of essential drugs within the CPLR having regularized 4,136 medical prescriptions
163 people benefited from additional laboratory examinations
15 people received an x-ray
7 people received an abdominal ultrasound
76 people benefited from a specialized consultation in hospitals
25 people benefited from a specialist consultation outside of hospitals.
Our future prospects:
Gradual extension of our actions in district hospitals
Build and strengthen partnerships with organizations involved in assisting vulnerable people
-Set up a permanent paid staff
-Build the capacities of volunteers
-Advocate and mobilize funds to have a vehicle for coordinating activities
-Encourage the visibility of the organization and in particular of the KIRA program through the media and social networks.

Our challenges:
-Insufficient financial resources
-Frequent out of stock of drugs when demand is very high