For the most vulnerable patients
in Public hospitals.
NACHAM AFRICA Our main mission is to care for the medical, financial and social needs of the vulnerable and their inner circles (family and local communities). Ask for Consultation

Nacham Africa-For the most vulnerable patients in Public hospitals.

Info!NACHAM AFRICA is a Certified public Charity Organisation in USA.Check out the file badge code

Our mission is to contribute to the welfare and self-sufficiency of vulnerable populations by promoting health and improving the standard of living to enhance community socio-economic resilience. 

Who we are

Nacham Africa is a non-profit organization based in Burundi, founded in 2019 to assist the most vulnerable patients in public hospitals. We address several needs during their hospital stay, such as providing medications, food, clothing, and hygiene necessities, and pave the way for their socio-economic fulfillment after hospitalization.

Our core values

  • 1. Compassion: Nacham Africa empathizes with the challenges, needs, and aspirations of its beneficiaries. This compassion drives Nacham Africa to improve health and living conditions for the most vulnerable populations.
  • 2. Respect: Nacham Africa recognizes the importance of respect in achieving its mission. The organization strives to treat its beneficiaries with dignity and respect in all its interventions and programs.
  • 3. Accountability: Nacham Africa is committed to being accountable to its beneficiaries, staff members, and partners. The organization actively seeks to gather feedback and involve them in the decision-making process.
  • 4. Impartiality: Nacham Africa is committed to providing assistance and support to the most vulnerable populations without bias or discrimination.

Our programs

Nacham Africa’s approach towards vulnerable patients is a holistic approach which puts the patients in the center, while taking into account the circles that surrounds them.

Health and Welfare Program

We work to improve the health and welfare of the most vulnerable patients by providing access to essential healthcare services, addressing malnutrition, and providing psychological support. We also enable them to access information on a wide range of topics, including hygiene, gender-based violence, and family planning.

Socio-Economic Empowerment Program

We equip underserved communities with vocational training in tailoring and financial literacy. We provide them with start-up capital to create their own income-generating activities and group them in VSLAs (Village saving and loan associations) for saving money, accessing credit, and engaging in small-scale financial activities in order to be self-sufficient and economically empowered.

About Nacham Africa

Nacham Africa is a non-profit organization operating in Burundi,aiming to assist vulnerable patients located in public hospitals. Nacham Africa was founded to provide basic needs as food and clothing, financial, social and emotional,psychological care to patients with those needs.

Nacham Africa

We currently operate 2 programs that aim to answer several needs of the patients during the hospital stay and pave the way for socio-economic fulfillment after discharge while involving their communities for sustainability:

  •     Medical needs
  •     Basic needs: food, clothing and hygienic needs, etc
  •     Emotional and psychological needs…..
  •     Capacity building and economic empowerment

Our programs involve the patients’ immediate circles: caretakers in the health system, family, and community. Although our programs emphasize the patients’ needs while in the hospitals, we also address the challenges they encounter in their local communities during the first few weeks after leaving the hospital.

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