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Who We Are

Who We Are

Nacham Africa is a non profit organization which assist vunerable patients in public hospitals.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our main mission is to care for the medical, financial and social needs of the vulnerable and their inner circles .


We care about vulnerable patients in public hospitals


About us

Nacham Africa’s approach towards vulnerable patients is a holistic approach which puts the patients in the center, while taking into account the circles that surrounds them.

We currently operate several programs which aim to answer several needs of the patients:

  •     Medical needs
  •     Basic needs: food, clothing and hygienic needs etc
  •     Emotional and psychological needs..

Our programs involve the patients’ immediate circles: care-takers in the health system, family and community. Although our programs emphasis on the patients’ needs while in the hospitals, we also address their challenges they encounter in their local communities the first few weeks after leaving the hospital.

We are currently operating 5 programs – in our Pilot hospitals Clinique Prince Louis Rwagasore and hospital Prince Regent Charles, all managed and operated by our volunteer staff members in collaboration with the hospital’s medical and social-care management team.

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