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The REMESHA program is one of Nacham Africa’s programs whose intervention consists in psychosocial assistance and the promotion of positive thinking for vulnerable patients hospitalized in public hospitals.

Just as body and mind are inseparable for life, material support is inseparable from moral support, it is in this context that the voluntary members of the association visit the sick.

We noted that the majority of our beneficiaries come from the countryside. They are transferred from hospitals to hospitals throughout their illness course and these patients come to us with psycho-emotional trauma related to their state of health. Many are those who are forced to sell what they own to get healthcare hoping to recover, some even go as far as to sell a small plot land in vain. This alone consittute a source of great stress for these patients. They are considered as a plague by the family and they are left on their own and when they are transferred to Bujumbura, they no longer have nobody by their side to accompany them and these patients fall into a form of reactional depression which will only worsen their cases despite an appropriate medical care especially for those who suffer from incurable diseases that spend several days in hospital