Certifying training Session on Prevention and Awareness of COVID 19.

On November 5, 2021, 30 Nacham Africa’s volunteers received a training on communication techniques, hygiene and barrier measures against COVID 19.

This training was organized under the high patronage of the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS and the technical and financial support of the World Health Organization/BURUNDI.

This training enters into the building capacities of key actors in the prevention and awareness of COVID 19.

In his speech, the World Health Organization Country Representative, Dr crespin Xavier was delighted with the holding of this workshop which is part of the policy of the Government that has made the fight against covid 19 a priority through compliance with barrier measures and vaccination

The delegate of Public Health Minister, Dr. Jean Claude Bizimana urged participants to be a voice maker for the success of vaccination in Burundi because a vaccinated population and respecting the barrier measures resists better with the disease.

The Executive Director of NACHAM AFRICA, Armand IJIMBERE urged the participants to make good use of the skills in serving the community.

This training ended the 8 weeks campaign of awareness raising in 2 public hospitals.